Organic SEO vs. Pay per Click AdWords: Which is the Best for your Website?

The first step for building a successful online business is to attract as many visitors to your website as possible. There are different ways to generate traffic and if you are a business owner or website developer you might spend time considering which type of advertising campaign suits you best, organic marketing or Adwords PPC (Pay per click). You will undoubtedly also be considering how can you increase your traffic? And how can you reach the first page of any search engine?


There are two main ways to increase your traffic to your website. The most effective and powerful tools available to achieve this goal, are Organic Search Engine Optimisation and Pay per Click AdWords. Both have their benefits and both have their price.


  1. A) Organic SEO from high quality content.

This is the best way to achieve long term but reasonable volumes of traffic to your site and expose it to the world is by developing a good sustainable organic marketing campaign. Search engines such as Google or Bing may crawl your site looking for new information and this information will be ranked by its relevance and importance. This is not a quick fix solution though and will take time to develop, it’s something that is done constantly to gradually increase volumes of visitors.


Search engines are always evolving as is the way they evaluate your website and content. Their source code also changes many times during the year, and each time there is a change, the articles that are focused in capturing the attention of the search engines are more depreciated than others with a high quality content. The main goal when using any SEO tools, must be about the content of the article instead of randomly included keywords within the article.


On average 90% of the people don’t go beyond the first page of results when searching online. The main objective of web marketing is to reach the top of the listings, a big help in achieving this is by creating articles and backlinks for your website that the search engines can read and follow, and the second one is to get your content shared through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.


Web marketing can be a tedious job but very rewarding if done correctly. The results and benefits will be new incoming visitors that will increase your sites exposure. These visitors might be interested in your content or products and the hope is that in the long run, they will continue visiting your site.


  1. B) Pay per Click AdWords.


When you use paid advertisements schemes such as Pay per Click you may increase your traffic drastically without the need of achieving any top organic positions in the search engines. AdWords is an expensive and complex system to master and if not used carefully the webmaster can quite easily waste a lot of money on the wrong campaign and keywords. A direct benefit to this sort of marketing is getting more targeted customers by selecting where and when your ads will appear. This way the targeted customers who are searching for your products, will certainly be interested in buying them.

This targeted marketing tool is highly effective, since you will be paying for the clicks that actually generate traffic to your site. However, there are a few things to consider before investing in advertisement, you may need a professional seo agency UK to help get you started:


– The keywords that you select must be inclusive within your targeted audience, due to the importance of some keywords the cost of a click can actually increase dramatically. Sometimes it will increase so much that it could cost you a lot of money per click if you are not careful.


– People are more likely to spend more time on your site if they are redirected from an organic search result instead of paid advertisement.


– Have a strict control of your expenses, and monitor your return of investment (ROI) and adjust it to your budget accordingly.


– For best results use only a few keywords and focus on them instead of having a wide variety.


There is no magic formula for this balance in the two most effective tools available. However you have the knowledge to deliver it then the Organic SEO is a more cost effective investment in a long term. But if it is needed Pay per Click AdWords may provide you with the fastest solution by increasing targeted traffic to your site as you can select the words you want to appear on and when and where on the page your ad will be. Many web marketing agencies believe that the best way to go about this is to have a healthy balance between both of them and focus on the quality of the content, with this balanced approach it is hoped that you will invite any new visitor to stay and bookmark your site.

What actually is SEO?

For an online business to withstand competition and flourish, it must win the confidence of its clients by laying down a solid marketing strategy. The only way of ever achieving top positions and good web visibility is through SEO.

What is SEO? – SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation. As technology advances each and every day, competition among the internet based businesses increases as each company battles for top positions in the search listings. Optimising a website or webpage is one of many steps an entrepreneur or business owner can take in gearing up for success in their business venture and is a vital part of any marketing strategy. There are several Search Engine providers and such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Mozilla Firefox to name just a few.

Each day more and more consumers worldwide resort to buying their products online. Usually you would search the internet for your products by using keywords or search terms that are relevant to the products or services you are looking to buy. You do this by adding them into the search box on the page of the search engine you have chosen to use.

Keywords – Once you have added your keywords or search terms and clicked search you are normally provided with a list of options that relate to the keyword you have searched for. These results are normally ranked starting at position 1 and so on. The number 1 position or close to it is the whole reason that companies use SEO, to obtain this lucrative position. A good quality search engine optimising campaign seriously affects the visibility of a website and its position in the rankings. The more frequently that a website appears through the search of keywords that users search, the more likely that website will receive customers and traffic. SEO is the most important consideration that a business must consider in any of their online marketing strategy.

For a company’s website to get optimised correctly it will need careful planning and consideration of many factors, editing of the content in their website is only a small part of the exercise. Choosing the best keywords that are relevant to the user is another good strategy that aids in promoting a website through on page optimisation.

Black Hat V’s White Hat – There many types of SEO services and things that need to be done, this takes patience as it’s not a quick fix situation, but some people often try and cut corners and try to cheat the systems of the major engines. With this in mind you could split the whole project into two main types of strategies i.e. White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO is one that utilises the methods and techniques of improving the rankings of a website correctly and in accordance with given guidelines and ethical rules. The Black Hat SEO on the other side seeks to exploit the weaknesses or loopholes of Search Engine Algorithms in such a way that a website gets the top search engine rankings much quicker than it naturally would. However the techniques that are used by the black hat SEO do conflict with the guidelines set for the search engines and will usually end up with the website being found out, the end result is often a website with no trust that will not rank and is heavily penalised, no one likes a cheat.

SEO Agency – Ideally, there are a number of services that are offered by SEO agencies and they include On-page Optimization, SEO web design services, link building, and SEO content writing services among others. SEO can accomplish a number of tasks to a website. Some of the biggest achievements an entrepreneur or business owner can get from SEO include improved web ranking, optimisation of the text content of your website and leveraging of the well written content useful in the link building process. SEO is one greatest way a website can ever great traffic into their website. A website’s online appearance and visibility determines its success and this could be achieved through utilisation of the SEO services.


If you have a business without search engine optimization then you are missing a lot. The size and scale of your business does not matter, you just need SEO. Millions of potential customers are currently using search engines such as Google and Bing to look for answers and solutions to their problems or to find products they wish to buy. Every online business wants to grab a large market share of this traffic by creating confidence and trust amongst its customers and users. This can be achieved if you have well thought out and efficient search engine optimisation and a good online marketing plan. Your website ought to be easy to find, easy to understand and to navigate. A good search engine optimisation plan will give the best opportunity for this providing site optimisation is done within the clear guidelines and controls recommended by the major search engines.

But why do you need SEO and why is it so important?

 To grab the largest market share in a short period of time.- this is the major objective of any business setting. You need to keep your current customers and attract a lot more to claim a larger market share. Search Marketing gives you an opportunity to be at the top of the search listings and among the best options whenever a customer searches for a product online. Potential customers don’t often search past the first page, ranking your website well here will assist in your potential customers trusting in your products or services, a strong campaign often indicates a strong company or brand.

Search Engine Marketing is budget friendly- How much does a TV or Radio media advert cost? Have you tried using sales person to market your product? Although it might have been effective it will have certainly been expensive. You might have recovered the cost by adding it up on the price of your product. SEO, if done correctly can be cost effective and hence the cost added to the product is less. This in turn makes the product cheaper than those of your competitors. The good thing about reaching good online positions is that you maintain an online presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and your customers can get to know vital details about your business or products and purchase any time of the day.

Search optimisation creates traffic and local search maximisation- a recent survey showed that on average every household has at least two internet enabled mobile phones or tablets. The amount of traffic expected in the near future is just amazing. Do you want to miss out on this opportunity? Your business could just expand by few clicks on the right buttons if you use a good web marketing campaign.

 Keep up with your competitors- the best way to be ahead of your opponent is to know the tricks your opponent is using and do them in a better way. Don’t lose your ground to the competitor. If your competitor is not using this type of marketing then you will stay ahead of them.

Take the social promotion opportunity- those who access your site on Yahoo, Google or any other search engine are most likely to share it on social media channels such as Facebook, Snapchat or similar. You can imagine the number of people who will be able to read about your product through sharing on social media!

SEO is vital for the continued growth of your business.