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Technology has made several notable changes in the world and one of the changes was felt in the printing industry. The world has taken to digital information hence the need for printing unnecessary documents has been eliminated. However, the printing industry has refused to give up the fight. It unearthed new uses and new types of printers that will definitely survive the changing trends in technology.


Digital cameras have made capturing special moments easy and fun. In that case, people should not be limited to their storage options on their phones and in the cloud system. These two options are susceptible to loss or corruption. Printing hard copy photos will make it easier for people to store and access their memories. Printing also allows photos to be enlarged or shrunk to suitable sizes.

Phone access

Modern printers are the best options when one decides to own a printer. This is because they have been designed to allow mobile phone access. This means that owners can simply connect their smart phones to their printer and print necessary documents. Students would definitely benefit from this aspect since they often download study information on their phones. Printing the information will make the studying process easy.

Home offices

In most cases, working from home prompts the need to print certain documents. They include resumes, invoices and such. When working from home, people tend to avoid making several trips outside. As such, a printer in your home office will save you from having to constantly go out for printing purposes. It also reduces the overall costs of running your work.

Official documents

Some situations call for printing of hard copy documents. These include boarding passes and shipping labels. Shipping labels are used in personal and commercial situations when it comes to returning items. As much as the world has gone digital, some instances still put their trust in hard copy documents. Very few airports accept boarding passes on mobile phones and even if they do, they still require hard copy evidence. Printing your own boarding passes will eliminate the need to queue in long printing lines at the airport.

All-in-one printing

Modern printers come with an all-in-one package that does more than just the usual text printing. Modern printers scan photos and documents, print photos and copy documents. This means that owners have the luxury of achieving several needs with one device. This eliminates expensive costs that would be spent in different printing sectors/departments, for more information click here.


Buyers should choose a printer that will serve all their needs efficiently. Owning a printer generally reduces the hassle and expenses of accessing other providers of printing services.

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Teachers in England and Wales today walked out on strike joining picket lines and protest marches around the UK and don’t give a hoot about  the disruption it causes for the pupils and their parents affected by this inconsiderate action.

NUT (National Union of Teachers) members voted to carry out one day strikes in a continuing protest about the changes to their working conditions and pensions. A NUT spokesman claims that “teachers are being overwhelmed by a 60 hour working diary”…..

Oh really!... My heart bleeds!  Are they feeling over whelmed at the fact that they already enjoy one of the best pension schemes in the civil service, much more than nurses, and also enjoy the longest and most convenient holiday arrangements too?


I doubt they will gain much sympathy in their cause other than from themselves; no consideration has been made of the parents who are losing out on a day’s pay or unwillingly sacrificing one days holiday because they have to take the day off work, usually unpaid, to cover childcare when their child should rightly be at school.

On the back of the announcement last year of ridiculous fines for parents who dare to allow their OWN child to miss a day or so off school to benefit from a holiday in school term time, I feel this action is a liberty and a dictation, quite clearly a case of do as I say no as I do which does not sit comfortable with myself and millions of other parents around the country.

Apparently David Cameron yesterday called on teachers not to take industrial action and cause disruption to children and parents alike, not good enough Dave, how about telling the selfish NUTs that they will be fined by all of us parents for causing us inconvenience.


Few will know that the reason schools don’t want your child off school in term time is because future funding is based around attendance and results amongst other things so if many families took time off during term time it would greatly affect their  attendance figures and by default the possible funding next year, so once again it’s about MONEY!!!

If you are angry or annoyed with this situation where your child’s school can dictate to you when you can take a holiday but not give a damn about you when they strike then I urge you take your own action, and get as many people as possible to join you, book your holiday when you wish, term time or not and to hell with the consequences, if you get a fine don’t pay it, unite together and make a stand against this unfairness.

Why not get the parents together at your school and have a vote on whether or not you should fine the teachers for going on strike….£60.00 per teacher for each child at home sounds about right, of course this will rise to £120.00 if not paid within seven days, and if they refuse to pay up then threaten them with court action with a fine of £2,500 for those prosecuted and a possible jail sentence of 3 months….  after all what’s good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander, is it not…Rant Over!

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Why do companies make us sign contracts?, I really do not understand why they do this; in my opinion this is bad for business. I needed broadband so I phoned a company up called Talk Talk and this is how the conversation went.

talk talk

(Me) Hi there I would like to use your service for broadband

(Talk talk) Ok but you have to sign a contract

(Me) Ermm! Why do I have to sign a contract

(Talk talk) I do not know you just have to if you want to use our service.

I said wait a minute you should be lucky enough that i chose your service in the first place I can go anywhere for broadband. This made no difference so i did not use this company plus the language was really hard to understand as the assistant was I think in Pakistan.

So I still needed broadband but all the companies use similar contract methods, I never tried Sky again because when I last used them before half way through the contract I started moving house, so I called them up and they said to me that I could not get no refund and would have to pay the remainder of the contract plus have to pay additional fees for the setting up in the new house.

This really pissed me off big time I let them know it and to this day have never used Sky's service again. Big or corporate companies seem the worst to deal with, no small company as ever tried any of these underhand tactics and seem to be the best to deal with.

A new type of race automobile made its launch this week with a loud revving, the smell of burning rubber, and not a hint of exhaust fumes.

That's since the new FIA Formula E Championship race car is all energy. The championship is the initially set specifically for electric cars.

Coordinators provided racing fanatics their initial glance of the car at work at a makeshift racetrack behind Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip.

A setting sunlight lit up the looming online casino's gold-tinted glass as Brazilian motorist Lucas di Grassi displayed the capacities of the Spark-Renault SRT_01E, pulling off tight turns, panoramic velocities and unexpected stops.

The electric racing car, designed by Flicker Dashing Technologies, could reach greater than 150 miles per hour (242 kilometres).

"We are a championship on a mission, and the objective is to have additional electric energy cars on the streets throughout the world," said Solution E Chief Executive Officer Alejandro Agag, looking sleek among the nerdy technician crowd in a classy blue sports jackets and a little undone white dress shirt. "Folks adore motorsport, but now they likewise care significantly about the environment. So together, it's a great combination.".

race car

The introduction of the state-of-the-art car was timed to coincide with the yearly Customer Electronics Show, a gigantic device expo that started in Las Vegas on Monday.

Coordinators took the automobile on a trip down the Strip at dawn Sunday to record the first video of it moving, surprising minority visitors who happened to be staggering out of casino sites at 4 a.m.

Formula E is deemed to begin following September and will run through June 2015 on street courses that inclued major globe cities, including Beijing, London and Los Angeles.

The collection is anticipated to include one-hour races. The cars batteries will last around 25 mins at a time, so drivers will certainly have to switch autos during the race while their batteries recharge.

Last month, star Leonardo DiCaprio announced that he was getting involved in the eco friendly race-car business. The leading person is partnering with Venturi Cars to enter into a group in the championship.

Various other groups feature IndyCar's Andretti Autosport and Dragon Dashing, ex-Formula 1 team Super Aguri, Audi-backed Abt and Richard Branson's Virgin.

Groups will have 2 drivers and 4 series-provided, single-seat automobiles in the first season. Renault has actually joined as the automobile manufacturer, however officials expect three to five producers in the second season. Michelin is the tyre vendor.

Fox Sports has signed a multi-year deal to manage the FIA Formula E Championship and the International Electric motor Sports Organization.

You cannot just print a five pound note and say “hey, this note is worth five pounds.” That would be ridiculous. So you might ask then, what gives money its value? Let’s start by taking a look into the history of money.

Firstly, there was commodity money. This was gold and silver coin and its value was determined by the transactors, so you could trade three gold coins for a cow for example, and therefore the value of those three coins was equivalent to that cow, nothing more, nothing less. If the person who had received the cow wanted to gain monetary wealth, he could ask for four coins for his cow or if he was interested in tangible wealth such as food or clothing, trade them for something else altogether. This was called a “commodity economy” which implied the money was worth as much as you were trading it for. It existed via direct physical labour and because of this system the money was impervious to inflation; however interest still applied if you were to borrow it from a bank. This was interest in its infancy and did not carry the implications it carries today; it was simple, honest cash and you either had it or you didn’t. We could say for example, that too much gold was mined and transformed into coins, and this surplus of coins in the economy could be referred to as inflation, however inflating such a currency was pointless as gold (or silver) has a value simply by existing. It can be used as a commodity for something other than trading coins, such as jewellery. So if you were to inflate it people would find other uses for it regardless.

Next came fiduciary money, this form of currency is a combination of paper and coin but not in the same way it is today. You see, the paper was actually backed by gold and silver, which meant you take your fiduciary notes into a bank and the bank would give you the equivalent in gold or silver. So what we are saying is that one unit of fiduciary money relies on the issuer to redeem the full value of that note. Now in the modern fractional reserve system the whole point is to issue more paper on demand than what is actually available in commodity money, that is, gold or silver. What does this mean? Well if all or most of the bank’s customers were to ask for all of their cash back at one instance, the bank would go bankrupt as it would be unable to fulfil the demand of its customers. Make of this what you will, but this implies that the bank’s promises to pay are in fact false.

Today the system we are employing is fiat money. It still utilises fractional reserve banking but the currency itself is not backed by gold or silver, it is worth something only in relation to the amount of currency in the economy, therefore the Bank of England can increase or decrease the amount the pound is worth by increasing or decreasing the amount of money in circulation. Welcome to the wonderful world of inflation. If you have a Bank of England or Federal Reserve note, you cannot demand that the bank redeem those notes for any amount of any commodity whatsoever. It can only be exchanged for another fiat note or forwarded to the government to pay your tax obligations.

So the problem here is that the current currency system itself, that is, fiat money, is disconnected from any kind of physical value. It is a debt anticipation coupon, a promise to pay; it even says this on the English pound note itself. As mentioned, its value only exists in relation other to other currencies. The system we have generates more money out of existing money, when the whole point of money to begin with was to exchange property and that’s it!

Look, the banking industry of today creates gargantuan sums out of thin air, let’s say for the sake of argument one billion pounds, it then lends it out at 5% interest (as an example.) The public goes into the bank and lends the money along with the rest of the population for whatever purpose you require it for. When the time comes to repay our loans the banker will recollect his one million but will also claim his 5% interest for lending it out in the first place. That means he will want his original sum back, plus an additional £50 million. This £50 million does not exist so those that are short will go into bankruptcy, lose their home, car etc. etc. So this system of fiat currency will always end in a chunk of the population losing out in this way, it is completely unavoidable. And even though this is a subject of a much bigger article it seems appropriate to mention those massive periods of economic decline. Speaking of which, do you know when the only time in recorded history all of the banks around the world went bankrupt simultaneously was?

The most recent recession (the one that technically started in January 2009.)

How long can this system last? Who knows? But it seems fitting to quote an employee from Standard & Poor's: “Let’s hope we are all wealthy and retired by the time this house of cards falters.”

In recent political history, communism here in England and America (especially America) has been regarded as the number one threat to our humble way of life by the media and our governments. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels published the communist manifesto on February 21st in 1848, since then this book of economic theories has become one of the worlds most powerful political manuscripts. I will refrain from delving into the history of Marxism, (the philosophy upon which most modern forms of communism are founded) or exploring the creation of the communist league. Instead let’s focus on the substance of the document, that which shapes and defines communism itself: the ten planks.

The ten planks of the communist manifesto are as follows:

1. Abolition of private property and the application of all rents of land to public purposes.

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

5. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

6. Centralisation of the means of communications and transportation in the hands of the State.

7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

8. Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of population over the country.

10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production.

You can inquire into the legitimacy of the above information for yourself, you will find it is accurate. You may be asking how this is relevant to us so-called capitalists? Here is how this game works:

Let’s start at plank #1: You rent land from the state in the form of a property tax. Don’t believe me? Try not paying that tax to find out who actually owns it. You? I don’t think so.

Plank #2 is quite self-explanatory. There was a time in our countries when we didn’t pay any income tax, and it’s exceedingly obvious that we are practicing an aspect of communism here as long as you’re still paying any personal income, home or car tax.

Plank #3 is the communist way of saying “inheritance tax” or “federal state estate tax.” Let’s say someone dies, and their legal partner in marriage is expecting to receive all of the deceased persons property. But before this happens the state wants a large chunk of it. In England and Wales this depends on how much the estate is worth, for 2013-14 if you own less than £325,000 worth of estate you don’t have to pay anything. But remember the estate isn’t just the house, it takes into account any possessions, the size of your bank account and investments. Any debts the deceased may have owed is deducted.

Plank #4: Americans refer to this as government seizures, tax liens, Public law 99-570 (1986); Executive order 11490, and sections 1205 and 2002 which gives private land to the Department of Urban Development; the imprisonment of "terrorists" and those who defy the governments interests via the 1997 Crime/Terrorist Bill; or the IRS confiscation of property without due process. Asset forfeiture laws are used by DEA, IRS, ATF and other similar organisations.

Plank #5: Do I hear the words “Bank of England” and “Federal Reserve” Being uttered? Also, fiat currencies in the form of the American dollar and English pound. These currencies only have value in relation to other currencies, they are not backed by any tangible wealth, AKA “exclusive monopoly.”

Plank #6: The UK has the Office of Communications otherwise known as OFcom. You cannot transmit any communications over the airwaves without a license from the government, and guess what? They can regulate what you say. The Americans have their own equivalent of this, the FCC.

Plank #7:  We are referring to corporations here, but what about government schemes designed to control and regulate public land? National parks! Do we have any legislation that deals with “the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan?” Soil conservation districts!

Plank #8: This calls for "Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.” Do you have a social security number? A national insurance number? These cult cards have conglomerated us all into one giant workforce. You cannot be employed without it.

Plank #9 put into plain English demands population control, urban renewal and regional planning projects. Over the past century the number of people living in the countryside as decreased as the number of those living in cities has risen sharply. People flock from rural areas to attain degrees in various professions and carry on to procure employment with a big corporation, thus staying in the city. The projection is that by 2015 small farms will have given way completely to giant corporate-controlled farms.

And finally, Plank #10 just smacks you in the face. All of the points in plank #10 are obviously true of our society, however the last one really spells it out: “Combination of education with industrial production.”

So, it seems that Americans and to a lesser extent the English at the very least are in part, if not fully practicing communism. You may ask, if these two political agendas (capitalism and communism) are so heavily opposed then what exactly is going on here? Answer: Admiralty law. And yes this was introduced into England centuries ago so it’s not just the American public who are being deceived. If you hold a drivers license, pay taxes, carry a passport, vote in elections, register your marriage and the births of your children then you are subject to Admiralty Jurisdiction. Admiralty jurisdiction grants no rights whatsoever, everything is a privilege afforded to you by the state. And the leader of this state? Why it’s the president, and General Obama is practicing the planks of the communist manifesto under Admiralty jurisdiction. There is no such thing as a right to operate a business for example, it’s a privilage granted in accordance within the rules of this jurisdiction.